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*About the course*

Q: Can I apply if I have no painting experience?

Yes; in physical courses, teachers will adjust the teaching content according to the level of students in different classes.

Also, because of the personal guidance, I can provide different levels of teaching guidance for individuals.

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 Q: Can the teacher record the class?

A: Yes; but if you want to share it in public, please seek permission from the teacher and respect intellectual property rights.

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Q: What are the differences between beginner, intermediate and fashion corners?

A: Beginner course - suitable for beginners and students who have never been exposed to painting and want to continue to strengthen their basic skills; the course will explain basic proportions and color science concepts, and lead students to learn the color mixing and mixing of water-based media from simple to advanced according to the class content. Composition.

Intermediate course - suitable for those who want to challenge more difficult water-based media techniques and proportional composition configuration; the course will go deeper into the changing postures of the human body (face/limbs), detail enhancement (accessories, backgrounds, patterns) and media textures and characteristics display.

Fashion Corner - Suitable for students who want to strengthen the practice of light and dark and contrasting colors, and transform daily spaces into fashionable aesthetic pictures; this course mainly focuses on still life (home furnishings/accessories/flowers) drawing, from the geometric shape of objects to Subtle changes in materials and shadows in space will be practiced in the course. It is suitable for students who have no drawing experience, or students who have drawing experience but want to try to fashion and beautify the objects in the space.

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Q: Can I take a leave of absence or make up a course?

 A: This course is taught in small classes, and each class has different content and progress. In order to protect each other's rights, requests for leave must be informed one day before the class starts. Unexcused absences or failure to notify will be deemed as giving up the qualification to make up classes. After arranging the make-up time, if you want to change it again, please notify us three days in advance. Failure to attend class will be deemed as giving up the qualification to make up a class, and make-up classes cannot be scheduled again.

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Q: What media does the teacher use? Are there any recommended items?

-Commonly used pigments include

Water-based media include watercolor/color ink/gouache/acrylic paint


Watercolor: Japanese Haobin artist grade/Korea Shinhan/Korea mission/American Daniel Smith/British winsor&Newton artist grade watercolor paint

Ink: Dutch ecoline/German Owl color ink

Gouache: Japanese Haobin

Acrylic: Japan Haobin/Amsterdam, Netherlands

Colored pencils: Faber Castell / Haobin  Artist Grade Oil Colored Pencils


British winsor&newton expert pure mink watercolor pens

Marcoway Pure Mink Hair Watercolor Pen

Marcoway white wool watercolor brushes

Marcoway Expert Nylon Watercolor Pen

Wynn blue rod sable watercolor pen French Raphael handmade squirrel hair watercolor pen

French Raphael man-made fiber round head watercolor pen

-Drawing paper

French arches medium coarse grain 300g watercolor paper

Italian fabriano pure cotton 300g watercolor paper

French canson cold pressed medium grain 300G watercolor paper

China Baohong medium coarse/fine grain 300G watercolor paper

Italian moleskine hard-shell watercolor sketchbook

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Q: If I want to buy media materials, is there any recommended place?

Near Fuxing Art:

Minglin Art City

Dehui Art Society

Qiancai Art Club

Fat Mom Art Stationery

New Art City Art Club


Normal University Night Market Business District:

Cathay Fine Arts Society

Ring ART



Chengge Art Society

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Q: Do you have any questions about course refunds?

A: Refund application: Those who participate in physical courses can submit an application 7 days before the registration of the current class. No refunds will be given after the application is agreed to change the order, or postpone the course, and the registration order specifies the start date. Refund applications must bear the third-party payment electronic refund handling fee.