cielo lee

Cielo Lee is a Taipei-based fashion illustrator and artist who comes from a 20 year background in fashion design. She has gained a wide range of experience by working with fashion houses for men and women's textile and pattern design, as well as apparel design.

Through her collaborations with brands in Europe, the USA, and other corners of the world, she has mastered the ability to see fashion from different perspectives and add a distinctive flavor to her illustrations.

Change is the only constant in fashion, and the same is true for cielo lee.
Fashion artist Cielo has developed a sensitivity to clothing fabrics since she was a child. After studying fashion design in college, she also studied for a master's degree in fashion design in the UK. During her career, she worked with independent designer brands, including Zara, H&M and other European and American express brands. The experience of cooperating with fashion brands, from the drawing of sketches to the matching of fabrics and the presentation of finished products, these experiences in the fashion industry have also created the multi-layered presentation of cielo's artistic creation.
Her keen observation of fashion and intense picture presentation are the characteristics of Cielo's paintings; the use of the blend of different media, coupled with her personal characteristic lines and vivid color expression, are fully reflected in her works.
In her writing, whether it is a glimpse of the show or the independent and strong portrayal of women, cielo
She uses her rational work methods to control her emotional thinking, so that every stroke reveals the dimension of her meticulous observation of the fashion industry.


2022-Taipei Illustration Art Festival Fashion Zoo

2022-solo exhibition/la moda

Instructor in Ming Chuan University

Fashion designer in Isabelle wen

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