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What you wear is a behavioral pattern for people to show their appearance to the world. Especially in modern times when the time for people to contact each other is extremely short, style is a business card that is better than verbal communication.

The works of "LA MODA" are inspired by Cielo's long-term meticulous observation and emotional investment in the field of fashion design; from the changes in fabric texture to the flow of color field, light and shadow, it is expressed through her techniques of different media. , conveying her perspective and vocabulary as a fashion worker.

It took nearly a year from the planning to the exhibition. Through this exhibition, we will take advantage of the artist's experience, inner emotions and thinking, and then explore more diverse possibilities in the creation of fashion paintings. The content projects the stacking of life trajectories and the strokes generated by wandering thoughts. The form is an exploration of fashion modeling, including female curves, clothing silhouettes, jewelry styles, shoe matching, and color and media combinations. Use stickers and other elements for experimental creation.

"Fashion is fleeting, but paintings can enter the public's perspective over time," cielo said. She wants to use her own perspective to transform the distant-looking fashion into a fashionable look that leaves room for the viewer's imagination through readily available media and inspiration from life.


Jian Chen Lan Art &Coffee

No. 12, Lane 89, Lanzhou Street, Datong District, Taipei City 103

4/1~5/27 12:00PM-18:00PM