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In the human skeletal structure, no bone diagram is completely straight. The curves of the human bones are related to every movement we make.

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The drawing method of stick figures is childlike, but it is definitely far from the human body structure.

The saying that goes with the translation of rice cakes is that if they are all straight, they will look dull and stiff!

Making good use of curves will add dynamics; flexible rhythm will also make it more vivid

So what is the biggest difference in the body structure of men and women? The answer is, the pelvic structure

From the appearance of the pelvis, you can quickly determine the gender (mature men and women)

It is also common in classical Western paintings to depict plump female postures.

, on the one hand, it strengthens sexual characteristics, and on the other hand, for women who bear the origin of life

It’s also a beautiful descriptive expression

spring /Botticelli

the birth of Venus/Botticelli

However, beauty also has different interpretations with the times.

A painter from the Middle Ages who loved plump female bodies.

In the modern fashion circle, size 0 supermodels were once popular

The two standards for evaluating beauty are too different, so naturally they cannot be compared.

Then in recent years, due to the evolution of the social atmosphere

Coupled with the increasing development of medical technology and research, human life expectancy is longer than ever before.

How to live a long and powerful life

Muscle and healthy body performance have achieved a relative balance at the two ends of the spectrum.

The gracefulness and interest of the female body are even more reflected in the themes of painting and artistic expression.

A copying theme that has always been loved (for me, I mean myself(◑‿◐)

To measure on a flat piece of paper,

Draw geometric shapes composed of large and small

The human body is a challenge in itself

However, with some periodic exercises

Remember the proportions

You can also transform from a matchstick I-shaped person into a graceful S and a powerful X! !

-The human body in action can be distinguished into

Standing person :

Except for the posture of standing at attention (i)

Add the rest of the standing postures and make this font larger

, or the movements of the limbs will make the protagonist on the screen feel alive.

(At least it is different from robots)

walking person:

-Heels and chin should avoid being in the same straight line

-Knees should not be at the same level

-At least one foot cannot completely touch the ground (because it is walking)

The details are captured, and the vivid body movements are relatively easy to present.

Twisting action:

Good dynamic postures should include sweep  (to wave) and twist (to twist)

It is the most basic to master the spinal movement lines that run through the human body ~

As for how powerful the movements are?

Find a place where no one is around

Look naked in the mirror and do different poses

Feeling the strength of the muscles can enhance the depth of the exercise

Of course it would be better if someone can help record it.

at last

The most constant thing is to master the balance

No matter what you want to show today, don’t be greedy for too much.

If you want to express the strength of the human body, sketching is definitely the first choice.

But if you want to draw a delicate painting of a lady, gongbi or multi-level coloring

Giving up some overly abstract expression techniques must also be considered

Are you tired after hearing this? XD

Then I still think about painting

It’s better to just watch ◎_◎

A good movement should have a sweeping curve ( sweep+twist)

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