Create your own exclusive online beauty and fashion painting (watch online courses permanently)

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Fashion is the embodiment of image and style.

Style, on the other hand, never stops evolving.

🤍As Ms. Chanel once said:

People who are different can never be replaced.

(In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different) -by Coco Chanel

How we dress every time

They all tell the story behind the current dance with the environment.

-Fashion originates from life;

If we want to capture fashion, we must enlarge our perception of life to observe and record.

-About fashion, at the end of 2022,

I finally finished the online courses I had been planning for more than half a year🥹

This time, the fashion online art course cooperating with the Xiangyi online platform covers my 20 years.

A collection of experiences and observations from a fashion design background, as well as over 1460 teaching days,

After feedback on the problems encountered by the students, a painting creation learning course was systematically compiled.

🔎This course covers five major chapters

-Introduction to drawing tools

-Inspiration collection and organization

- Demonstration of basic structural analysis of human body and face

-Daily formal/vacation elegant dress demonstration

-Good clothes also need to match the scene: DIY background demonstration

Through this course, from observing details to organizing data,

Understand the inner structure of the human body and complete the matching of clothing and styles to adapt to the external environment.

Step by step, let students use markers, colored pencils and paper materials to

Welcome students to study with me through the five chapters this time.

Make daily subtle observations into your own online beauty fashion painting💃

🧐Who is suitable for this class?

✅This course has no level difference and is suitable for those with zero painting foundation and those who are interested in fashion styling.

✅I hope that classes can be flexible and can be watched repeatedly without being affected by weather, time and place.

✅If you are really not sure about your level, you can privately send your work to me for discussion😊

🎁Enjoy discounts during the fundraising period🎁

👉During the course fundraising period, forward this article on Facebook and leave a message in the message area

Tell us "the most popular online beauty destination you want to travel to" and @a friend

You can get a limited NT.100 discount coupon.

For example: "@美美, I want to go check in at the Floating Island Forest in Taichung!"

👉In addition, in order to encourage students to participate in learning and responding together,

We have also prepared the following fund-raising limited lottery gifts for students who sign up for classes:

-TALENS ART CREATION Dutch Talens Sketchbook*3 persons

-TOM BOY Japanese Dragonfly brand double-ended color pen six-color set* five pieces

(For details, please see the course page description below)

- Fundraising period 2022/12/15 (Thursday) ~ 2023/1/14 (Saturday)

-Limited time 23% off discount price: NT.1980 yuan (original price will be restored to NT.2680 yuan after 2023/1/15)

-Estimated start date: March 31, 2023 (this course can be viewed permanently)